May 27, 2004

8-hour flight, 27 hours have past

Sunday, May 23

Having flown across the dateline somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, it was already the 23rd (I think) when I woke up before the breakfast snack came, one more hour to our destination. Everyone else was having a ham sandwich or something, while I was served a dish that seemed like ratatouille; I know it's not a typical breakfast dish, but I had not eaten enough vegetable lately, so it was welcome anyways.

It was a bit chilly in Narita when I arrived. I took local trains to a station from which I walked to my sister's apartment. As she was at home, I took out the stuff I had brought all the way from Hawaii right away.
There were one bread, four kinds of cookies, and three kinds of cakes. I brought the whole wholewheat-walnut boule bread, as it was meant to be for my sister who is a big bread-lover. Everything else I left about half of each kind home and brought the rest here.
As for cookies, I had: maple pecan cookies - which were originally made from only three ingredients (maple syrup, flour, butter) and I added pecans because I like the combination of pecans and maple syrup; rosemary shortbreads - which have become my "signature" cookie, although I am trying several different recipes for the cookie dough, for which this time I used one by Phil Vickery, a British pastry chef; galettes bretonnes - very buttery cookies that have been my favorite for years, and this time I made this because I wanted to make the most of the best-quality ingredients I had, inclusing Isigny Sainte-Mere's butter, French pastry flour, and Sicilian almond flour; and dark brown sugar cookies - which I baked almost a week before, as the recipe indicated that they would taste better 3-7 days after they are baked. And there were three loaves of cakes; a fruit cake, a gateau citron, and a gateau chocloat. Well any of these was not fancy or pretty alone, but if you arrange all of them in one plate, it can make a nice gift, I suppose. And they all tasted good, by the way.

We had sashimi and fresh-cooked rice for dinner. Like I mentioned before, I am constantly deprived of fish in Hawaii, so this was a real treat for me. Felt like home, for sure.

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