May 27, 2004

as normal as any given day

Monday, May 24

I don't usually have jetlag, and this time was no exception. I got up 7 o'clock with my sister and her husband who left for work. So here I was staying at their house all by myself during the day, and doing my own work.
As my sister took few slices of bread that I had brought for her, now I got to have some for myself; the whole point was, since the bread was for her, she had to have the first slice, right? Anyways, the bread was very good – it had a distinguishable wholewheat flavor because it used only wholewheat flour, which some people just don't care for, while some others like very much – including me. I like light, sweet, airy bread and pastries very much, but I adore dense, solid, more hearty bread like this one, and I was so glad that I got to make some on my own. I spread some cream cheese over a very thin slice, which went admittedly great with the walnut pieces.

When my brother-in-law came home from work, he brought us our all-time favorite cheesecakes. In Tokyo there is a cheesecake house called Cheese Cake Factory , which seems to have nothing to do with the US restaurant chain Cheesecake Factory, which I have been to once but did not have their cheesecakes (the food was too big I couldn't even think about dessert – come to think about it, I hardly ever get to the dessert part at any restaurant in the US). Okay, back to Japan’s Cheese Cake Factory; they've got a good variety of quality cheesecakes as well as cheese desserts, and today we had plain New York-style cheesecakes. They are properly dense, thick and creamy, perfectly New Yorker except, maybe, that their size isn’t quite American enough, which I won't complain.

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