May 17, 2004

evil-looking pesto?

Sunday, May 16

Overnight into Sunday morning, somehow I still had heavy stomach. Also I had a bit of trouble during the night and didn’t get to have much sleep. So it ended up being a slow day, not much done.

In the evening, even though I still didn’t feel very hungry, we made pesto genovese using bright purple basils we bought yesterday. Labeled as Purple Ruffles Basils, they really were purple – I had never seen such a thing and very curious about it. They did smell like basils, although strikingly different in color as well as shapes. As I didn’t know what it should be used for, I decided to make pesto – purple pesto! Not very appetizing? Well the result was, our pesto wasn’t so purplish; probably I ran the blender too long and the heat must have faded the color. It was a shame, but it still tasted wonderful, almost fruitier than regular green basil pesto… I don’t know our local natural food store will carry those purple leaves all the time, but if we find them at the store next time we’re there, I bet we will grab a bag or two again.

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