May 15, 2004

excursion to a hidden valley

Friday, May 14

I like rosemary. I like it in roasted veggies, grilled chicken, focaccia bread, mash potato - or you name it. I like it so much I have recently been trying it out in a bunch of baked sweets, so far shortbread cookies and scones, and I loved them all. This time I wanted to try it in a cake - with a bit of good extra virgin olive oil.
The recipe (*in Japanese) I tried last night turned out to be very good, I liked the way rosemary and olive oil matched with the sweet and moist cake....

Today we went to a beach called Waipio, about 40-50 miles away from home. It was our second time down there - we wish we could make it more often, but due to geographical conditions of the place, only four-wheel drives or better equipped vehicles can access the beach, while our car is nothing but an old compact car. This time a friend of his ever so kindly offered that we could use her 4WD, we gladly took it.
Waipio is a really beautiful spot, secluded from towns with thick woods and valley. It sure does involves a rough driving to get there, but really worth it. It was a little hazy day today, but it would be even better for those who are usually not beach-bums, like myself; you don't have to get sunburnt so bad (I did get a little, though)!

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