May 20, 2004


Wednesday, May 19

It's been rainy and humid for these last several days here. Admitted, it rains a lot in this town all year around, anyways - but it is so humid I almost feel like I couldn't breath, you know.

We had a bit of leftover of curry rice from last night which we were going to have for lunch, but his friends dropped by and they were all watching a movie eating pizza, so I decided to fix myself something else for lunch.
So I came up with tarako spaghetti; I cooked egg spaghetti I had bought in Rome the other day, dressed them with tarako and butter, and topped with thin strips of lightly pickled shiso. Voila.
For those who wonder what the hell tarako and shiso are: tarako is salted cod roe and shiso is "green perilla", a bit basil-like herb, both of which are widely consumed in Japan. I know there are people who hate the idea of any human being eating fish roe, but I usually like them - cod, salmon, and even mullet. I don't eat fish so often these days, though, as he doesn't eat fish. That's one of the things I miss, and that's also why I am so excited to go back to Japan - Land of Fish!

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