May 15, 2004

rhubarb debut

Thursday, May 13

Born and raised in Japan where it is hard to find rhubarbs in an ordinary supermarket, I have never cooked this vegitable myself until today. I have bought a jar of jam a long time ago, or a store-bought tart or something somewhere, but not fresh ones. From my limited experience, rhubarbs didn't seem to make extraordinarily delicious desserts, but since I live in place where I can at least find them in a local supermarket, so why not a try?
I decided to make rhubarb crumble, as it seemed easy to make, which proved to be true. I looked up some recipes (this, this, and this) and sort of mixed them all; cooking rhubarbs in white wine and flavoring them with ginger. Ginger seemed to make a good match with rhubarb in a lot of other recipes, and as I love ginger anyways, so I made my rhubarb very gingery - cooking rhubarb with minced fresh ginger, while mixing diced candied ginger and ginger powder in the crumble. The result was satisfying, not tasting as gingery as I had hoped it would be, though. Rhubarbs themelves were a bit too tender and almost squashy... it might have been because I cooked them too long. I think I will try to make something with this vegitable again, next time in something else.

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