May 27, 2004

same as the previous day

Wednesday, May 26

It was another nice sunny day today, and it was another busy day packed with work for me. Not much to blog about really... only thing having come up to my mind was Mauna Loa's Maui Onion & Garlic-flavored macadamia nuts that I had brought from Hawaii for my family, especially my dear brother-in-law who just loves them.
Other than those macadamias, there are "Maui Onion" flavors in a number of food products in Hawaii, including potato chips, salad dressings, mustards, etc. In fact real Maui Onion are super good themselves – being a kind of sweet onion, they really are so sweet you don't have to soak slices in the water before using them raw in salad or something, and they taste also wonderful roasted. I use those sweet onions a lot at home, but not macadamia nuts. Why? Because they are so addictive you can't just have one or two! And it is too dangerous when you know that you can buy as much as you want whenever you want, because they are stacked in the shelves of any local supermarket... so better not to have'em at all!

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