May 19, 2004

taste of home

Tuesday, May 18

We still had a bit of purple basil pesto leftover from a few days back. Since there was too little left for pasta, we put the rest of pesto on pieces of five-grain sourdough bread and toasted them. Heated pesto gave out incredibly flavorful aroma, even though it made our toast look... um... not exactly pretty.

Dinnerwise, I made curry. It was Japanese-style curry, served with steamed rice, hence called curry rice over there and this dish is something special for a lot of Japanese... almost nostalgic, comfort food so to say. Every family seems to have their own recipe for curry that children and adults equally enjoy, while from cheap diners and cafeterias to topnotch restaurants proudly serve their "own" curries. In essence, Japanese-style curries are closer to Indian than to Thai ones, usually thick than soupy. You can put anything you want - meat, fish, vegetables, or even fruits if you wish - but the very basic ingredients I believe are onions, potatoes, and carrots. Just like any other kid, I liked curry rice a lot when I was younger and I still do, even if I don't make them as often as I used to. Now he has come to like curry rice a lot these days, I started making them more often. The only thing that I do differently from those days in my childhood is that I use beef rather than pork; he doesn't like pork much, but well, I threw several pieces of pork along with beef in our curry this evening, and it was fine! Who knows?

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