May 13, 2004

a taste of the Netherlands with a twist of Texas?

They are called stroopwaffels, cookie-like waffles sandwitching milky caramel filling. It was in Prague about a month ago when I tried those Dutch delights for the first time. Well I must have had something similar before, I guess, but those fresh-baked sweets sold at a street vendor were so delicious I can't think I had ever had waffles as good as those. I brought home a bag of stroopwaffels from Paris where I visited after Prague, and once opend, they dissappeared very quick; they were so irresistible.
To our great joy, we found stroopwaffels-like waffles in one of natural food stores in my town the other day. Those were not a traditional type, but with White Chocolate Amaretto cream filling - how does that sound?? We passed them up at that time, but a couple of days later he bought a box for home. OK, I'll try some if I have to...
They were certainly different from the ones we had before, but super good anyways. White choc & Amaretto was a good combo, too. On a side of the box it suggested a "Warmed on a cup of coffee" method, so I went; my stroopwaffel got warmed up a little bit, the waffle part got a little softer and cream melted just a bit. It really did remind me of the ones I had in Prague... now I can picture myself going back to the store soon and grab a couple more boxes... I'll be in trouble!

They can be ordered on the net: Lady Walton's

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