May 17, 2004

too much to eat??

Saturday, May 15

As we had his friends in our place for dinner this evening, it was a big cooking day for me. I didn't exactly know what they would like, and what they wouldn't, so I took a safer plan - just cook a lot of dishes.
I made rosemary & onion focaccia bread, my signature pumpkin salad, "jambalaya" pasta, mock osso bucco, and amaretto-white chocolate cheese cake. It was a lot of food.

I love Italian focaccia bread and this was my first time baking one on my own. I used Williams-Sonoma's recipe which worked surpirsingly well, even though the dough got very sticky and made it hard to work on it. I added a lot of chopped fresh rosemary and that was a really good plus.
Jambalaya pasta was from the book Neiman Marcus Cookbook. This is a very rich tomato & cream-sauce based pasta seasoned with Cajun mixed spices that turned out beautiful. I usually like the combination of tomato and cream sauces, and this recipe was a spicy version of the rich sauce. In fact, the sauce seemed way too rich to me when I checked the ingredients, so I just used a little bit of cream and milk instead of several cups of heavy cream; it worked fine, and the sauce was still very thick.

Salad and beef were both fine and there came the dessert - cheese cake! The amaretto-white chocolate cheese cake was a version of my all-time favorite Bailey's cheese cake, sinfully rich, creamy cake... I replaced Bailey's with Disaronno, and used chopped almonds instead of walnuts for the crust. The result was good, I liked original Irish Cream one a little better though... I still like amaretto, so I think I will try to use it in anotehr cheese cake recipe.

We drunk a lot, ate a lot, talked a lot, and laughed a lot. I was really pleased by our guests, who gave me a lot of compliments. Overall we had a very good time even though we were absolutely full by the time they left. I really couldn't think of anything about food...

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yumm, thanks for the recipe link. will try it =P 

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