June 30, 2004

a 15-minute drive to a different world

Tuesday, June 22
After several unusually wet days, we had a gorgeous day today. He, his mother, and I went for a short hike in the morning. We took some 15-minute drive from home and got to Eldorado Canyon State Park. Names and natures often agree, or the name was named after the nature - there was an impressive rocky canyon. First thing it reminded me of was Big Thunder Mountain of Disney Land - I know it's a silly idea, because the railroad must have been inspired by some canyon like this, not the other way (obviously). Anyways, I was really amazed and impressed by the whole thing there - I had never seen anything real like that, and moreover, it was just a 15-minute ride from home! Isn't that cool or what?

Dinnerwise, we went out with his brother and his wife. We went to "the best Thai restaurant in town" claimed by one of his friends - even though I wonder how many Thai restaurants are there in the town. Well the place was pretty good in fact, and we all were very pleased with their coconut-milk ice cream with baked banana; the banana was rolled with a filo-like thin dough into a tiny spring-roll like form. I have always liked sweet, caramelized banana, and it was a real hit. Only downside was: there was't enough (which, I think, is a very rare problem observed in this country, as everything comes in a huge portion)!

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