June 30, 2004

an activity day

Tuesday, June 15
On monday I slept a whole day, I mean, literally the whole day. I didn't go out anywhere, not even our bedroom except once or twice - I had been staying up all night to finish the work the night before. Anyways, I got up at a reasonable time this morning, had a worm breakfast (pancakes, bacon and sausages), socialized with people, and went out for a short hike.
It was supposedly an easy, 3-mile trail leading to a small waterfall. It was very hot and dry out there, but fun to enjoy the beautiful nature around us. The waterfall, to tell you the truth, was a bit disappointing as it was very small, but the view up from one of the peaks was gorgeous - looking over the range of mountains covered with snow, contrasted by the clear blue sky and deep green trees was just breathtaking.
In the afternoon I went out to play basketball and roller-skate (what a busy day!), and was pretty exhausted by the time for dinner. We had a Mexican buffet this evening - tortillas with a lot of vegetable and chili con carne, but what excited me the most was chips with guacamole, salsa, and sour cream; I love avocados, did I ever mention that? :-)

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