June 5, 2004

bad hair day

Friday, May 28

Sometimes you just can't have anything go right. It happened to me today, as I had a bad luck in booking flights, making new glasses (I lost the last ones while I was in Venice a couple months ago), and seeing a friend for dinner. (On top of that, as I tried to post this, an error occurred and I lost all the text I had just written.) Everything just didn't go well. Oh well.

The only thing I could claim as "nice" was a sandwich I got from
a French bakery PAUL. I wouldn't go that far saying everything they have tastes wonderful, but still they have a lot of tasty french bread that I like. Since their first outlet in Tokyo happens to be close to the office I used to work at, I would drop by and buy some sandwich for breakfast or lunch (I heard that sandwiches are no-no for breakfast for the French, but I like them myself). My favorite kinds were chicken and tuna, both of which were there in the shop when I dropped by. I bought one and brought it back home. As I ate it, I could not help wishing there was a nice french bakery in my neighborhood in Hawaii; I wouldn't complain so much about living in that small town in the middle of nowhere, then.

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