June 30, 2004

biking in the rain

Saturday, June 19
I had a pleasure of having ripe fresh fruits for breakfast today. I found small white peaches at Wild Oats yesterday, and wondered for a few moments whether they really were like those white peaches I love so much in Japan; last summer at a local natural food store I bought what looked like white peaches which turned out to be yellow ones and very hard to eat fresh. I mean, I do like yellow peaches, but they simply can't beat tender, juicy white ones... in Japan, the really good kinds are adored as if they were precious germs (and sold at a price to match). Anyways, as the tag read "white peaches" "juicy" and "sweet", I decided to give it a try. And they passed the test! Not as big as the ones we usually see in Japan, but as sweet and juicy, and tasty for sure. I had missed the season last summer, I was so glad I got to have some fresh white peaches this year.
Another delight I had for breakfast was fresh black mission figs. I like figs, either fresh or dried, but like peaches they are also a jewel of the season - if you miss it, you have to wait till the next year when they are in season again. Mission figs had been typically a kind for dried figs to me, and I had never seen them fresh in the store - so I had to try them too, even if they were a sort of expensive. Like in their dried form, those black figs were very sweet and aromatic - and of course, very fragile.

In the afternoon he and I went biking in the town. It was rainy when we left home, but soon it cleared up and got pretty sunny and hot (and got stormy and rainy again just before we got home and, our cloth which had been nice and dry by then, got all soaking wet again). I found the town really beautiful and charming - I wish I had brought my camera with me.

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