June 30, 2004

"a blief stop at a park"

Thursday, June 17
Well I had thought that the reunion was a four-day event, starting from sunday and wednesday. It was, however, a four-night event, which meant to me more like a five-day thing. Whatever, today was the last day and we hugged and kissed goodbye ach other, and one family after another left.
Yesterday he suggested that we could stop at the Rocky Mountain National Park on the way back, and I thought it was a nice idea. Soon it turned out that I was having a wrong idea - not that a short stop at the park wasn't a good idea, but that I had had a wrong picture about the "park". It wasn't anything like those small parks in downtown Tokyo, not even close (what was I thinking?) - it was a huge area surrounding mountains and layered by thick forests. There we saw a lot of wild animals, pretty mountain flowers, and thick snow/ice covering the rocks - it even snowed when we were up at some 120,000 feet high! It really was an amazing, unique experience.

We were all pretty tired by the time we made it to home back in Boulder, but I was notified that we were having dinner with their friends from long time ago. Since they were also pretty tired (just got back from the holiday in Ireland), we just had Chinese takeaway at their house and had a couple of nice bottles of wine (one of them was the best Sauvignon Blanc I had ever had - well, I usually don't care for those young white wines tasting like grass, but that one from Marlborough, New Zealand was very refreshing and fruity). And then some of us went out for drink in downtown Boulder and drank till midnight - weren't we tired??

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Anonymous said...

hi Chika

I happened upon your site by accident, looking for a friend. But your blog says you live in Boulder. I am a journalist, my site is about people making positive change and I have heard that Boulder is the foremost city in the country for controlled growth and development toward sustainability. Would you mind keeping an eye open for activists and involved folks in your area? Would you send me contact info for someone who might know whats going on over there (regarding sustainability)? That would be very cool! Thank you! 

Posted by Saphir