June 5, 2004

colorfull as a candy box!


Moki's Mom said...

Love your blog! The pics always make me hungry, though. I live in Hawaii, and my mother is from Japan (Meguro). Wish I could try that Matcha Frappuccino, that really looks good.

Cheers to you!

Cat said...

what a beautiful sushi platter! love reading your blog also, with all the wonderful baking stories & photos. its been almost a month with no update im going to go through withdrawal :) write again soon k? take care!

chika said...

Hi there,

Jo - wow, I used to live in meguro right before I moved to hawaii. I loved the place.... if you like green tea flavored sweets, I bet you'll like hagen-dazs' matcha ice cream as well! Any plan to go visit Japan soon?

Cat - yep those sushi looked good and tasted great :-)
Shame I have not been uploading anything for these past few weeks, I have been taking pics and saving them though... Will update something soon!

Moki's Mom said...

What a coincidence! :-) My mom just got back from visiting my Grandma & the rest of the family in Meguro. Unfortunately, my budget is really tight, so it doesn't look like I'll be able to go anytime soon.
Hmmmm.... Hagen daz, huh? I'll definitely have to look into that.

chika said...

Hi Jo,
That's too bad you don't get to go there sometime soon... but don't worry, Haagen-dazs' green tea ice cream is a "classic" over there so it won't disappear anytime soon :-D
Hope your mom spent a great time with all the folks back there and you'll find a chance to go see them soon!