June 30, 2004

goodbye, Boulder

Friday, June 25

I had been a bit sick for the last few days of my stay in Colorado and did not get to do much, which was a real shame. And today was the day we were leaving Boulder for Hawaii - from a hot and dry world to a hot and humid one. Oh well.
On our way to the airport, we dropped by a store to do some last-minute shopping, and I also called at Starbucks to buy a Dolce de Leche bar; usually their cakes and pastries taste either way too sweet or rather bland, but those bars of cream-cheese-like filling with a swirl of Dolce de Leche (aka confiture de lait or milk jam) were really good - so good I would like to try to copycat it myself.

After a 7-hour flight, we got to Honolulu where we were staying one night at his friend's apartment in downtown. For dinner we went to a Korean BBQ restaurant; he was so excited to dine at a table that have built-in bbq grills again (he had seen one of those in Japan for the first time). But what was more exciting to me was, well, the amount of "side" small dishes that came along with the meat plates; it was seriously a lot. Even surprisingly, there came a lot more! It was because, well, one of our company this evening was a girl who was a friend of his friend's girlfriend (got it?) who happened to be a Korean-American, and she knew that they could serve us better dishes as a side. So she said something to our waitress in Korean, and there came such dishes as spicy tofu soup, green onion pancakes, and so and so and so, which was basically way too much stuff for us to finish.

One good thing I thought that evening was the fact that we didn't have to take a subway home after the dinner, like we would have had to if it had been in Tokyo; one of the arguably most disgusting things about riding a Tokyo train towards midnight is standing close by someone who apparently just had yakiniku (Korean BBQ) and releases smells of meat and garlic and bbq smokes. Ugh.

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