June 5, 2004

is it already summer?

Sunrday, May 30

My sister, her husband, one of our cousins, and I have been staying at our aunt's place since last night. Our other cousin (aunt's little son) and uncle went out for a baseball game, and the rest of us stayed at home more or less a whole day. It was really a sunny, hot, summery day.

As a tea-time treat, we had some petits fours that I bought at the French cake shop the other day. There were five of us at home, and as we just couldn't choose which one to eat, we just splitted every cake into five! Silly? It was well worthwhile. Just like the entremets I bought on the same day, those small jewels weren't mere a eye-candy; the twelve little cakes had different tastes and textures on their own, and they were in no way "light" - believe it or not, they were very filling. So filling that they almost made our lunch!

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