June 30, 2004

just a *small* family gathering (to be followed by bigger ones)

Wednesday, June 9
He, his mother and I were invited to dinner by her mother this evening, along with his mother's brother and his wife. Everyone brought a couple of dishes (well, I didn't - I have really been away from cooking life for so long now), and that made us a good big selection of food to choose from. Everything tasted really good, indeed, but one of the most exciting experience - for me at least - was, having a corn bread. Or should I call them corn muffin? Either way, I had heard of it for quite a while but never encountered a chance to actually had it. Those were his grandmother's hand-made, and were very tasty - perfectly golden yellow and subtly sweet, those were a kind of things that I would like to try to make by my own.
I had been pretty stuffed when the dessert time came; grandma made a pan of key-lime square, which was truly lime-y and tangy, and delicious, but teeth-squirkingly sweeeeeeet... it's always amazing to see how people eat those supersweet stuff over here; a lot. I barely managed to finish one 2-inch square of the bar, whereas others had a slice of angel food cake and a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream... mere looking at them eating that much could make me feel stuffed. Seriously.

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