June 30, 2004

lunch doubleheader

Tuesday, June 1
My last "free" day in Tokyo. I made a couple of appointments over lunch - first with my old fried at 12:00, and second with my sister at 13:10. When we met up near my friend's office at 12:03, we decided to walk to our favorite cafe called
Aux Baccanales in Akasaka. There used be one of their restaurant/cafe/bakery places in Harajuku, where I used to go to buy some bread, but ever since they closed down the place last summer I had not been able to have their bread. In their Akasaka shop, I was so excited as there were lots of handsome-looking french bread, sandwiches and pastries that I loved... but there are times that you have to make a choice, so I managed to restrict myself and limit the bread on my tray down to my real favorites; flaky and flavorful croissants aux amandes (this is THE best almond croissant of this kind I have ever had anywhere in the world, including several bakeries in France - if anyone knows somewhere to buy super-fine quality croissant aux amandes, please let me know), egg & soft salami sandwich Viennois, and sugary crispy rusks. As I was to have "real" lunch with my sister after that, I did not eat any of them at the cafe, but had a cup of coffee while chatting.

After we said good by to each other, I jumped in a metro and went to my next destination: Omotesando. There my sister and several people from her office took me to a soba (buckwheat noodles) restaurant called Fumotoya, where I had a lunch set consisting of a bowl of cold soba with batter-fried eggplants and myoga, a small bowl of salad, and a coconut cream custard as a dessert. My soba was pleasantly tasty, but the cream custard was divine - very coconut-milky, and admirably tender texture. I might try and make this one myself sometime....

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