June 5, 2004

matcha frappuccino! (is it Japan-exclusive?)


Santos said...

they have matcha fraps in manila, too, but i don't remember them as being so green. have you seen matcha flavoured caramel corn? tasty!

chika said...

Hi Santos,
That's interesting! Are green tea flavored things popular in the Philippines? In Japan, those Starbucks' matcha frappuccinos really are as green as you can see here. And whaaaaat, matcha-flavored caramel corn? You mean Tohato's Caramel Corn...?

Santos said...

green tea items are very popular in the philippines, mostly, um, green tea :-) esp. iced green tea. there's a lovely green tea with lime drink that is green with green on ice, i'll take a photo one day.

and yes! the matcha flavoured tohato caramel corn! have you seen it? i have a little post about it:, but i'm sure the tohato website has all the details. i went back to the store to buy another bag, and they've run out already!

chika said...

Hi Santos,
green tea w/ lime sounds cool! I like lemon green tea, and also just bought a box of green tea w/orange the other day.
as for "matcha" green tea flavored sweets, they've got everything over there, from matcha ice cream and shaved ice with matcha syrup to matcha chocolate and matcha financier and matcha toffees and matcha carame corn, and you name it. they're generally all good!

Anonymous said...

i recently discovered tohato caramel corn, almond flavour!! IT IS THE BEST discovery! I am addicted! :)
I didnt know they have green ones! Gotta go get them ~ do you know where I can in Australia??! 

Posted by eve

Pinkity said...

We have Green Tea frap here in Malaysia as well.. Just that it's so so so sweet to be enjoyable =.= 

Posted by p|nk