June 30, 2004

on Father's day

Sunday, June 20
Yes, it was Father's day. On Father's day, we have to treat fathers right, right? Well it was a busy day, having his mother's mother and father-in-law over brunch, and went to one of his brothers' house to treat their father with dinner.
So I ate a lot a whole day, but today's winner wasn't either lunch or dinner (sorry!) - it was a box of Reese's white chocolate peanut butter cups. I am addicted to Reese's peanut butter cups, so much that I restricted myself even buying one myself, but their white-choc version is even better, too good to resist.... and today, when I was at COSTCO with his mother buying candies for dads, those white boxes caught my eyes and I could not move from there as if I had been thunderstruck! I mean, how could I have possible ignore a 24-pack box for $9? Impossible. There was no choice. (Well, I did share them with others by the way, as I still had reasonably sane judgment.)

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