June 30, 2004

the other Cheesecake Factory

Saturday, June 12
Today I had my very first slice of The Cheesecake Factory's cheesecake that his mother had bought to home. Last time I ate at the restaurant in Boulder, food was too big for me to even look at their extensive dessert menu; so it is a really good idea indeed to just eat the cake, skipping salad (yes, even salads were insanely huge there) or the main dish. Their "original" cheesecake was very rich and appropriately cheesy, but somehow the texture was light - even a bit fluffy, I would say. It was not a New York-style, thick and dense cheesecake that I love, but good nevertheless.

We are to have a four-day family reunion of his father's side kins, starting from sunday. It was not until just a few days before when I was told that they were having a "pre-family reunion" event on this saturday. So, they had given me a chance to meet some of the family members in advance of the reunion itself....

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