June 30, 2004

a rainy day is a shopping day...

Friday, June 18
The weather had overall been pretty nice since I came here, but it suddenly became wet, almost like my town back in Hawaii. As it was another wet day today, even though I was having a work-free weekend for the first time over the last several weeks, I decided to go check out stores. Boulder isn't a very big city, but has a satisfying choice of food stores, including Whole Foods or Wild Oats. It was supposed to be just for "research" today, just browsing the stores to see what they've got you know, but I ended up buying bags of food - he seemed to have known it was happening, though.
One of the great buy of today: Dancing Deer Baking's molasses clove cookies. I first came to know about this shop more than a year ago, and even considered buying some cookies online, but I didn't because of the ridiculous shipping price they charge on the deliveries to Hawaii (and yes, it wasn't the only time that I gave up buying things online because of the delivery charges). I was so excited when I found those cookies at the Whole Foods, and did not think twice to pick one up and threw it in the basket. Well, I did think twice, to be precise - I had to decide which flavor to buy, out of such choices as cane sugar & lime, almond & cherry with ginger, and chocolate tangerine (of course, it was just a matter of which one to choose now, as I was so sure that I would come back and try other kinds later!). One interesting finding to note: they don't use butter or margarine in the cookies - and instead use canola oil, which might explain why those cookies were so soft and moist.

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