June 5, 2004

typical Japanese dish?

Monday, May 31

Yesterday was scorching hot, but today was steaming hot. I was to see my ex-boss over lunch today, and as I left home and walked my way to the local train station, I was already sweating.
My ex-boss, his ex-boss and one of the girls who used to be in the same division as I was were there to go out for lunch with me. Asked what I would like for lunch, I replied “Japanese” right away – I didn't have much time left to spend in Japan. So the ex-bosses took us to a nearby sushi restaurant. They ordered a nigiri set for every one of us (I didn't even look at the menu), and the plate that came in front of me was just so handsome; melt-in-your-mouth toro (fatty part of tuna), tender-but-not-overly-so tai (sea bream), pop-like-a-bubble ikura (salmon roe)... (and if you are not afraid to know, ika [squid] and anago [sea eel] were also more than good) each and every cake of sushi had a very fresh stuff, and although it wasn't one of those super fancy, expensive sushi bars that you can find all over in the town, they still served highly admirable, quality sushi at a reasonable price... or so I suspect; I don't know whether or not they were exactly reasonable, as the lunch was on my ex-boss! Thanks :-)

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