July 5, 2004

breakfast in (dreaming of) Los Angeles

Friday, July 2

Yesterday I got a package from my friend Joyce who recently made a short yet fulfilling visit to New York City. In the package were a quite bit of fun and yummy stuff from NYC, along which she had included bags of cookies from La Brea Bakery. She apparently remembered that both he and I loved their ginger cookies that she had sent me before; this time she'd kindly sent me other kinds for us to sample: oatmeal raisin, maple pecan hearts, and peanut butter cookies along with the ginger cookies. We couldn't do but try them all upon arrival, and all of them proved to be delicious. I particularly liked peanut butter cookies (real peanut butter sandwiched with chunky peanut butter cookies) and maple pecan hearts (short-bread-y cookies with a golden combo of pecans and maple syrup) besides ginger cookies (not a hype, only for true ginger lovers-kind of ginger snap cookies, really gingery), although oatmeal raisin cookies were very tasty (more oatmeal-y than most of other commercially available fellow cookies). Well, basically, they were all really good, if you know what I mean. Plus, all of them were quite big and filling that we were pretty satisfied after sampling one of each kind.

Thus we had some more cookies left for today, which I had for breakfast - who said you can't have cookies for breakfast?


Santos said...

cookies for breakfast? i say, bring it on!

have you tried la brea bakery's granola? i'm not a big granola fan, but it is very good--toasty oats and rye flakes, almonds, and cranberries, flavoured with vanilla, nutmeg, and cloves. yum!

they have the best cinnamon rolls too, but you can only get them at the bakery :-( . layers of puff pastry lightly interspersed with cinnamon and (i think) honey--they are quite buttery rich, v. cinnamon-spicy, but not that sweet.

chika said...

Hi Santos,

No, you can't do this to me... what, la brea's granola and cinnamon rolls?? I almost bought a ticket to LA... oh I wish! I haven't tried either of them yet, but I will at the soonest possible time, I'm telling you!

Also, I'm currently in the mood for trying to bake cinnamon rolls (I've got all the ingredients required and all I need to do is to start kneading a dough)

Santos said...

i think you can buy the granola joy for the cinnamon roll though.

chika said...

Hi Santos,

yeah I went to the web page where they sell the granola, but I don't know if I want to pay for shippings just for the cereal... actually... I might think about it.
Their site says the granola's going to be available at supermarkets nationwide; my local stores do have some of their bread, so I'm hoping they'll carry the granola, too!