July 7, 2004

breakfast vs teatime

Tuesday, July 6

Scones have long been one of my favorite teatime treats. By scones I mean English scones, or those round-shaped, subtly sweet raisin/currunt scones that are typically served with generous portions of fruit spread and cream (clotted cream is the best). For the past ten years I have been using a recipe from famous The Savoy Hotel kitchen, which has never failed to create a batch of classic, great scones (you can find a basically same recipe here, although I've used another source).

Then Starbucks came to town with a lineup of "American" scones. More often than not sweeter than their English counterparts, they come in a different shape such as triangle, and have certainly taken a different position in my dietary habit: breakfast. It may have been because they are sold alongside of coffee that I would stop to buy as a wake-up treat.

Anyways, this is how I have come to personally distinguish "scones for brakfast" from "scones for teatime". And as of late I have been making the breakfast scones a lot. My most recent favorite is rosemary scones; just adding of chopped fresh rosemary leaves to the dough gives a dramatically refreshing difference to the resulting scones (I have been making rosemary shortbread and rosemary cakes so far, both of which are equally tempting and lovely).

By now you might want me to get to the point - okay, here are today's words: I made rosemary scones for breakfast. So far I like to use this recipe for breakfast scones, althoguh I make several changes (first of all, this is not a recipe for rosemary scones, and I don't use scone pans, etc.). And today I also tried and added Flaxseed meal in the dough, that gave out a bit of malty flavor and grainy texture. Apart from eating them, the best part of making rosemary scones is smelling the aroma of the herb while the scones are baking in the oven... mmm.


Santos said...

oh my giddy aunt! that looks like it tastes gorgeous! **** (now i have to make another trip to the shops) :-)

chika said...

Hi Santos,

They were pretty good, even though I like plain rosemary scones a little better... I guess I'll try flax seed meal with something else.