July 2, 2004

failure and success

Thursday, July 1

Yesterday I made Peanut Butter & Jelly Squares based on the recipe I used to use for numerous times years ago. I was being so excited to make them for the first time in more than five years, and waited for my bars baking in the oven, and... it miserably failed. I don't know what went wrong, I put everything in the right amount, followed the recipe that never has failed, and what?? I think I will have to give my revenge....

This morning I baked zucchini bread, this one for the first time in my lifetime - in fact, I have never even eaten it before. It was almost ten years ago when I first found about a cake called zucchini bread, but back in the day courgettes were extremely rare and hard to obtain in Japan, so it remained as something that could only be seen in cookbooks. Well, now that I am in the US (yes, Hawaii is technically a US State) courgettes are not an exotic item, so I can use them as often and as much as I wish.
And here an opportunity rose - a friend of mine gave me her recipe calling for about a half of sugar and oil that would normally be used in an authentic zucchini bread recipe (I am not a strict follower of "light" cooking, but simply, regular American cakes are generally way too sweet and heavy to me). This made a huge success; my loaf of the quick bread was moderately sweet and light, with a pleasant flavor of courgette - not too overwhelming nor too subtle - and nice crunchiness of walnuts. On top of that, it was so easy to make! This makes a perfect treat for breakfast or brunch... it's definitely a keeper.

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