July 11, 2004

forget about that greasy deep-frying

Friday, July 9

I love doughnuts. Or should I say, I used to love them. Truth is, I still love them a lot, but don't eat them much any more. Sometimes I even suspect that I had eaten a whole lifetime's worth of doughnuts by the age of 17. Maybe not, as I still eat them occasionally. Yes, only occasionally; even though I like deep-fried stuff in general - or maybe because of that - I try not to buy and/or eat deep-fried things so much (they tend to be addictive, don't they?). And I never do deep-frying myself in my kitchen, because it involves too much trouble and mess.

Back to doughnuts; almost a year ago, I found a post talking about muffins. They aren't just ordinary muffins, they are doughnut muffins! More precisely, they are muffins that taste like doughnuts. As is quoted in the post, the recipe for those muffins was for people "who like doughnuts, but don't like deep frying". That exactly sounded like me!

Unfortunately, the recipe itself wasn't included there, and over time I came to forget about the muffins, up until a few month ago when I by chance found this recipe. The image of muffins seemed pretty much the same as that in the post I've mentioned above, so did the description of ingredients (i.e. sugar coating, buttermilk, nutmeg, etc.), and the page even read that the "cakelike muffins are made from a batter similar to that used for preparing doughnuts, but they are baked instead of fried". This must be it, this has to be... I got so stoked.

For some reasons it wasn't until this day that I finally baked my own doughnut muffins. As is often the case, I made them in the morning for breakfast/brunch. Nothing complicated was involved in the process of making the batter, and within one hour or so the muffins were ready - brushed with melted butter and generously coated with sugar and cinnamon mixture, which I suspect could be what makes those muffins taste like doughnuts.

It might have been a bit of mistake that I used unrefined whole cane sugar in the batter, which made my muffin look rather too golden brown inside and out (they should have been paler) and left the distinctive flavor of raw sugar that somehow overpowered the delicacy of spice and buttermilk mixture. Also, my muffin didn't look as pretty as the ones seen elsewhere, primarily because I didn't use a muffin pan (I don't have any at hand) and instead baked the batter in paper muffin cups; this resulted in my muffins expanding horizontally rather than vertically. Despite those rather esthetic issues, my muffins were delicious and doughnut-y enough - I mean, what more could you ask for when you can have something quite like doughnuts fresh out of your oven, without doing messy deep-frying?

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