July 21, 2004

freeze it!

Monday, July 19

Phew, It has been reeeeally hot these past few days. It's a matter of fact that it's always hot in Hawaii, you might think; well, it is true, but here in my town it rains a whole time and rain would usually cool down the heat a lot, and specially in the evening it gets quite cool, or even (almost) cold sometimes.
But for the past few days, it has been so hot and humid I can't even get out of the house. Well my work schedule wouldn't let me go out of here anyways (it sucks).

When it is this hot, it is time to have something icy cold and refreshing - like sorbet. Too bad I didn't have any at hand, but I did have a cup of white peach jelly from Japan. Each cup has one whole peach in it - two halves, more precisely. I like it as is, of course, but I have always liked frozen jelly, too.

I threw it into the freezer to leave it overnight, and here you go; now I had a nice cup of "sorbet" for an afternoon treat on such a sweaty hot day.

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