July 31, 2004

a glorious defeat

Friday, July 30

There was something that I had meant to make ever since I came to Hawaii, or at least one of them. It was pina colada muffins - muffins with pineapple and coconut milk, as you might have guessed. I have had the recipe for over ten years now, and used to make them now and then, but like many other recipes I used to make, this one had been long forgotten. Now being in Hawaii where I see locally grown pineapples sold everywhere, I thought of the muffin; what if I use some fresh, local pineapple instead of those canned ones? How lovely would that be?

There were some challenges to my plan; first of all, they are not necessarily less expensive here than in Japan, even at the farmers' market; second, I don't consume much pineapple and he, close to none. Since most often pineapples are sold in whole, I had always looked at those spiky guys from a distance. Until today.

There must have been those from before, but I somehow noticed them today for the first time - pineapple sold in half cut. That's perfect! How come I didn't even try to look for them?? I grabbed one of them and headed home, exhilarated.

I started with peeling, coring, and cutting up the pineapple. Although the recipe (for whatever reason I don't see) didn't call for rum, I did use dark rum just to give my muffins a real pina-colada taste. Also, the muffins were supposed to be topped with icing and grated coconut, but I skipped the icing part and instead drizzled the coconut over the muffin before putting them in the oven.

I remembered those muffins more solid when I made them back in the day, but my muffins today came out quite fragile - fluffy and crumbly. They had the same recognizable pina colada-ish taste, nice and mellow. I'm afraid I had to admit my defeat this time, though; fresh pineapple was a little too weak in these muffins. They have very delicate, mild sweetness when eaten fresh, and it got overpowered by other ingredients in the midst of the batter. I nevertheless like this muffin very much, and am glad that I tried this, but next time, I will go straight to a can of quality pineapple in syrup.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, these sound fantastic! Would you mind posting the recipe? I wound really like to make them.
Niki, Australia

chika said...
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chika said...

Hi Niki,
I am sorry I didn't reply any sooner. Would you mind dropping me a line at shewhoeats(at)yahoo(dot)com? I have searched on the net to try to find something similar (in English) to the original recipe (in Japanese) but I couldn't - so I can try and make a simple translation for you and email it to you, if you are still interested. I am sorry making things a bit complicated, but I try to respect copyrights of authors/publishers, and feel a bit uncomfortable posting the translation without their permission. Thanks!