July 5, 2004

happy independence day!

Sunday, July 4

This evening we went to watch fireworks in our town to celebrate the 4th of July. Fireworks are one of the few things I would enjoy in the lousy hot summer in Tokyo, and even though the show was nothing to compare with those spectaculars taken place in Japan, it was nevertheless very fun to watch and good enough to make me miss the ones back home...

Note about food: although we didn't do BBQ at home (he went to join his friends somewhere), I did have a hotdog, just because it was Independence Day. Hotdogs aren't my favorite kinds of food, but it's nice to have something "typical" or "classic" on a special occasion I think. Another good such occasion to eat a hotdog would be at a stadium while watching a baseball or basketball game, but I will have to wait till next year since I currently don't have any plan to go watch a game....


Anonymous said...

I lived in Japan from 12/92 to 8/95, and loved the fireworks there! Funny...I was thinking about them as I watched some small town fireworks near Boston this 4th :-)

chika said...

Hi Janet,
Glad someone's got what I meant... I really miss the fireworks over there, and I am also missing this year's shows... I wish I can go watch them.
Hope you had a wonderful time on this past 4th!