July 26, 2004

naming chaos

Sunday, July 25

It is one of great joys of early summer to admire the abundant fresh fruits piled up and filling up a large corner of the produce section of the store. Several weeks back, there were huge piles of baskets of berries and cherries, which are now taken over by a variety of peaches, nectarine, and plums. I love them all, and I wish I could buy the whole fresh fruit section for myself to flatter the senses with their colorful beauty, sweet fragrance, and of course, juicy flesh.

When I went to one of supermarkets in my neighborhood last week, something attracted my attention; it was a huge pile of yellow peachy-looking fruits. I granced at the tag and it read mango peach. I had never seen them or heard of such a thing, but they sure had the color of bright yellow mango. As I was in a hurry that time, I didn't buy any of those.

And back in the same store a couple of days ago, I realized that I had gotten it all wrong; they were mango nectarine, NOT peach.
(Now I feel bad if someone have stumbled across this site and browsed the first couple of paragraphs without bothering to read all the way down to here, and got the same wrong "mango peach" idea like I had done...)
Either way, I like nectarine too, and I had never seen or heard of mango nectarine anyways, this time I got a few of them, along with a couple kinds of peaches.

Mango nectarines were relatively small compared to regular nectarine, and had flesh as bright yellow as their tender skin. Although reminding a bit of apricot, they tasted basically the same as regular nectarine. (*Place the mouse pointer over the pic to see the image of the fruit cut in the halves!)

Another first-time experience for me this time was doughnut peach. Yes, they were peaches, NOT nectarine. Apparently, they must have been named after how they look like... doughnuts, which I don't disagree. It was in a Boulder, CO shop where I first saw there funky peaches about a month ago, and it was a funny view of those small, fat wheels tightly lying around at a corner of the store.
But the other day when I was in yet another supermarket, a pile of the same chunky peaches were sold under the name of "Saturn peach". Saturn? They mean, Saturn's ring?? Hummm... If you try really hard, it might not be impossible to associate them with Saturn...
And then this time at the same store where I got the nectarines, the tag said "Saturn peach" but the stickers on individual peaches read "Jupiter peach". Jupiter... ring? Like Saturn? Hey, what's going on with the name of this peach??
I imagine that this peach might be a relatively new comer in the US market and it hasn't had its name established yet, thus causing a chaos in the peach-naming industry. Or what?

Names aside, the doughnut peaches (I prefer to call them this way) were ripe and juice-dripping delicious. They were basically the same as regular white peach, which is my favorite; as a fresh fruit the white peaches are definitely more common and popular than yellow kinds in Japan, although things look quite different here in the US. In Japan, yellow peach is more commonly seen canned in sugar syrup and available all year around, and I had never seen fresh yellow peach sold in the store up until quite recently. In that sense, it is a really precious experience to me to be able to find fresh yellow peach everywhere here... I have a couple of plan to work on those fresh peaches while they are still here!


Santos said...

*wow*. that mango nectarine is one crazy customer.

i vote for space peach.

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

We don't have the mango nectarine here yet. I wonder why! I have eaten the Saturn peaches, as they are known here, and they are very much like white peaches although I think the white peach has a bit more sweetness to it. =)

Cathy said...

Hi Chika - Reid pointed me in this direction because I just did a similar post about Honeydew Nectarines! They weren't very good - but it was fun to try them.

chika said...

Hi there,

Santos - hm, space peach is a more neutral name, for sure!

Reid - gosh, I haven't had a "good" white peach yet over here... have you ever had white nectarine? A friend of mine told me that they are more like "white peach" commonly available in Japan and I'm just curious...

Cai - sorry your Honeydew Nectarines were terrible... I should better have honeydew melon and nectarine separately!

Estelle said...

I discovered the mango nectarines this summer, too. They are very good but unfortunately cost a fortune: about $4 a pound, which means that the price of each nectarine is $1. Oups. That is expensive!
I tried the doughnut peaches in Turkey, last summer, they are as cute as good!

chika said...

Hi Estelle,

Yeah those guys (gals?) cost quite a bit - I checked the receipt and found out that the mango nectarines cost about the same, a little less. but the doughnuts peaches were like $5/lb! I got two for $3.3 or something... mmm... but the most expensive peaches I've ever seen (NOT bought) were ones at a high-end fruits shop in Tokyo. One large (reall large), beautiful white peach would cost like $10. Just one! Can you believe that??

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

No I haven't had a white nectarine before. I wonder what that's like. I just recently had some delicious Ranier cherries which I got in Chinatown for $2 a pound. They were a steal and so good!

chika said...

Hi Reid,
I just got some white nectarine. They don't seem to be ripe yet, but I'll report once they're ready and I have tried some. And cherries... I saw some in the store, too... I should try some before they're gone!

Anonymous said...

i got 55 different fruit trees planted in my back yard but no saturn peaches nor that mango nectarine
will look to see if i can find one to plant
oh i have tried white peaches and white nectarines
they are much sweeter..but not that expensive
where are u buying anyting over 2bucks usa per pound is way too much.
normally price is about 1.50 to 1.75 per pound
but on sale they go as low as 45 cents per pound

Posted by myardor

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure if anyone is still going to read this blog, as it looks like the last posts were almost one year ago.

I work for a company that sells the doughnut peach - and recently we found out that we can no longer sell the peach under that name as it is trademarked.

That said, we have to come up with a new name for it (a small challenge ; ). We've been brainstorming internally, and have come up with the following ideas:

1. Button Peach 
2. Puffin Peach3. Pillow Peach4. Pudgy PeachWhat do you guys think? I would be very interested to hear your thoughts. 

Posted by vertrebr

Anonymous said...

"Donut" peach and "Stark Saturn" (unfortunately there is another "Saturn" peach that is not flat) are synonyms for a type of peach grown for hundreds of years in China.

There is a flat yellow peach called "Sweet Bagel" as well.

Another, bigger variety of flat white peach is "Jupiter", which is a proprietary variety name.

An even newer one, that is again white and larger than "Donut" is called "Galaxy".

There are lots of varieties of peaches, and they keep getting better.


Posted by bvbrown