July 2, 2004

a newcomer to my recipe file: zucchini bread


sharlync said...

Yum! My great-grandmother used to make zucchini bread for me all the time. Gosh, I miss it...I've tried to make my own but it has never turned out as good as hers.


Cat said...

looks delicious! you wouldnt happen to have the recipe on hand would you? i despise courgette but would like to incorporate into my week somehow, this looks like a good way :) yumyum!

chika said...

Hi there,

Sharlyn - that's so lovely you have palate memory of something your great-grandmother used to make for you! Keep working, one day you will find your zucchini bread as good as your great-gran's!

Cat - let me get back to you in a while, the original recipe's in Japanese and needs translation. I don't know about other zucchini bread, but this one had just a hint of zucchini taste that my family couldn't tell what it was.