July 26, 2004

pretty in pink

Saturday, July 24

I wonder if I have ever mentioned this, but I love ginger. I love ginger so much I made some cakes using ginger again. It was a recipe of muffins again (which I turn into loaves again), and from Williams-Sonoma again. Never mind.

The recipe was for ginger-rhubarb muffins. As rhubarb is supposedly early summer vegetable, I should try and make those cakes before it disappear from the stores, I thought.
Late at last night I started making the cake by chopping two large stalks of rhubarb; I knew it would be a little too much but I wanted to use up what I had, so just chopped'em up. It was followed by chopping crystallized ginger (a lot, again), and the rest was very easy; mix the wet ingredients and dry ingredients, and combine them together. Off they went into the preheated oven. Quick.

When they were done and brought out of the oven, they looked pretty with pink rhubarb in somewhat pale cake. I didn't grab a bite of the cakes right away, but instead let them sit overnight till this morning, when I finally had a couple of slices for breakfast.

The combination of rhubarb and ginger was brilliant, I admit, but the cakes were nothing better than ordinary, bland-tasting hunks. They weren't bad, but I liked the rhubarb crumble way better. Unlike the case with the ginger-lemon cakes, the rhubarb cakes didn't quite grow mature over time, unfortunately. They weren't a total waste, though, and it was even a satisfying experience to fulfill my curious desire to make something new.


It was another dull hot day, but it got nice and breezy late in the afternoon. We went shopping in downtown and when we got out of the store, the sky and ocean in front of me was painted in pink. Here on the east side of the island, you don't get to see sun sinking directly into the sea horizon, but you do have those pretty sky and cloud (and ocean) if you are lucky...


Reid said...

Hi Chika,

The cake looks sorry that it didn't taste as good as it looks.

chika said...

Hi Reid,
yeah I really wish they had tasted as good as they looked!