July 30, 2004

sorbet with monkey

Thursday, July 29

I am not counting how many times I have written this here by now, but it was another hot, sweaty day. The hot and sweaty weather defininately made me want something nice and cold, refreshing, and easy to make, when it is a busy day for me like this.
It meant that this is time to try that one - the one I had found quite some time ago and went back over and over again - this one; sorbet in a sack!

For the procedure, I recommend you definately rather check out the original recipe site linked above because it is very cute and funny, so I am not going further in detail. And what I did was, instead of following the direction, I threw my ziploc bag of fruit juice into the freezer! Ehhhhhh, I know it was a whole lot of deal-breaking, but that was what I did, and it still worked and the sorbet was tasty.

In place of mango juice used in the recipe, I mixed some mango nectarines (yes, I still had some left) with hand-squeezed orange juice. You'd probably like it dosed with sugar, but I preferred not this time. My sorbet thus wasn't sweet like the ones we usually eat, yet very very fruity and was like real fruit - well, it was!


Santos said...

coinkidinkily, i looked at the same recipe last night (hi monkey!) and i made mandarin sorbet in a sack....

chika said...
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chika said...
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chika said...

Hi Santos,
Serious! Monkey must have been busy hopping around, whipping up sorbet here and there... ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooh, neat technique - gotta try this some time soon. (It's almost August. which means that in the San Francisco Bay Area we're due for hot summer weather any day now... Our weather usually lags 3 months behind what's normal in the rest of the western US. We get our hottest weather in October and our coldest in March.) Mmm, frozen fruity goodness.

Reading one of the other recipes, I was tickled to notice that Monkey and I have the same citrus juicer. :-)

-- EmilyB

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

I think I'm going to try to make this...especially since it's been so hot AND humid here lately. It finally got up to 90 in the last couple of days. Is it really hot and humid in Hilo too?

Anonymous said...

you have moved me to haiku!

a tasty sorbet
refreshes and soothes the spirit!
let's make some right now.

i'm so glad to see that my little recipe is so accepted by the culinary elite such as yourselves. the use of the freezer, dry ice or liquid nitrogen are perfectly acceptable alternatives for the freezing step and offer various levels of frostbite danger.

emily! isn't our little citrus juicer wonderful? perfect for lemonade, limeade, or other small citrusy need. i still have the matching grater!

mahalo for the mention of "sorbet in the sack!"


chika said...

Hi there,

EmilyB - Now I see why it was so cold when I visited SF in March a few years ago, expecting it should be almost spring... Well, enjoy the summer!
*BTW, are you the same Emily who requested the recipe for the mock eel? You've got it, check the comments to that post. (I'm sorry in advance if I'm addressing the wrong person!)

Reid - yes, yes, yes, it's been VERY hot AND humid here, too!

And Hi, Monkey!
Wow, a great honor to have you here and thanks for your Haiku :-)
My next project to cook with you would be guacamole & chips - come help me then!
Thanks again :-)

Santos said...

monkey magic!

Anonymous said...

i would love to drop by, don my wee chef hat and whip up the tasty and oh so festive guacamole and chips!i'll bring the mariachi band!


chika said...

thanks monkey, can't wait to see you again! :-)