July 9, 2004


Wednesday, July 7

Today's Tanabata (what's that? check this). You can make a wish on the stars in this occasion, although I didn't do particularly anything this year. Shame.

What I did was whipping up a bowl of salad. The other day I was so excited when I found bags of mizuna leaves sold at a local farmers' market and eagerly bought one. Then I fixed salad pairing them with bacon and fresh celery; sautee the bacon strips, add sliced celery, olive oil and lemon juice, pour the bacon and celery in the oil over rinsed and cut mizuna, salt and pepper to taste. Well done.
I remembered I still had some mizuna left in the fridge and wanted to use them up. Any kind of salad leaves works fine for this salad, but I think its bit tangy and spicy flavor goes particularly well with the mild, flavorful bacon. By the way, I used Niman Ranch's good cured bacon in my salad, and that did an excellent job, too!

In the evening we went shopping, and on our way back from the store at bayfront we saw the sky changing its color. We stopped to take a little walk in the nearby park, enjoyed the last bit of pinky clouds that quickly dissolved into the dark blue sky.


Santos said...

isn't tanabata the holiday that celebrates two stars (as in astronomical entities) who are lovers, but are separated by the milky way and can only meet one day a year? terribly romantic, that.

is that where the term 'star-crossed lovers' comes from, i wonder....

chika said...

Hi Santos,

yep, you'be got the exactly right idea about the origin of tanabata.
Star-crossed lovers... interesting! I thought that is from Shakespeare's work, or so I heard.

Santos said...

oh, yeahhhh, shakespeare. that guy.