August 9, 2004

barbecue in the rain

Friday, August 6

We were to meet up with his friend and his family to barbecue this evening. Originally, I was told that we were to bring salad and dessert while they would have barbecue stuff, but today it turned out that we were taking salad and charcoal, instead of dessert.

My pumpkin salad seems to have become the one that always comes up to our mind when it comes to serving salad for guests, and that was the case today, too. And although the salad could have been enough for today, I decided to make guacamole, taking this opportunity; I had been a sort of hesitant to make guacamole, because I loveavocado and guacamole but he doesn't. There are more people around today, meaning there could be better chance that there are more than one person who eat guacamole.

As I had contemplated, I used Monkey's recipe for guacamole. For the main ingredient, i.e. avocado, I wish I could use a Haas avocado, but the only kind that was readily ripe for immediate use at the store today was a local one - typically larger in size, paler in color, and in my opinion, a bit bland in taste. The one I chose today was perfectly ripe, but as I had suspected, a bit bland and very fatty - or buttery. I added some lime juice to make up for the bland taste. My guacamole looked very pale, or rather, very yellowish, but tasted fine nevertheless. I was going to make nachos too, but unfortunately, time was up - so I just brought a bag of blue corn tortilla chips.

There had been pouring rain all this afternoon, and it still was when we got to their house at a little past six. After a struggling with setting up a fire on the charcoal, we started grilling some steaks, pork chops, a hunk of ahi and salmon, while nibbling at guac & chips and some vegetable sticks that they had served.

The salad made a hit as usual, and the guacamole very much pleased all of us, including, surprisingly, him. The grilled meat and fish were all very good, too, and we gorged ourselves up to the point where we couldn't possibly put anything into our mouth. Or did we?

There was, as a matter of simple fact, dessert to come. We had a slice of hot apple pie with a couple of scoops of vanilla ice cream; I was going to steal a couple of bites from his, but I found myself finishing one full serving all by myself - I was, seriously, stuffed. I really was, this time.


Anonymous said...

ah! guacamole!
contrasted by blue corn chips
a tasty work of art!


Reid said...

Hi Chika,

After eating all of that, I would have been stuffed too! Looks like you had a feast...and the salad looks just wonderful! =)

chika said...

Hi Monkey,
Thanks for another haiku :-)
I really like the contrast of blue corn chips and guacamole, too!

Hi Reid,
Yes, it really was a big feast... I can't believe ate all that food!