August 4, 2004

funky fruits (continued)

Monday, August 2

Even if we have already gone to have some middle-of-the-summer-treat watermelon, it doesn't mean that I am done with early-summer-delights, namely, peach, nectarine, plum, etc.

When I bought some mango nectarine and doughnut peach, I also noticed an unfamiliar kind of plum. I didn't know what it was until I came to read an article that Cathy linked in one of her recent posts; it was something called "pluot", a hybrid of plum and apricot. Naturally, I went back to the store and grabbed some.
As I first thought, they look more like plum than apricot, and turned out that they taste more like plum, as well. I even find some taste of grape, but not apricot; I wouldn't figure that it is a hybrid with apricot if I didn't know it is.

Along with pluot I also got some white nectarine, which is another fruit that I hadn't know about until very recently. We have regular nectarine in Japan, but not white nectarine as far as I know. MY friend claimed that its taste is closer to that of Japanese white peach more than American white peach is; and she was right, the white nectarine did taste very much like white peach that I have been familiar with, but with the more solid texture of nectarine. A bit weird, but delicious nevertheless.

Yet another fruit new to me was cigar mango. I found them at farmers' market last weekend. They are tiny, tubby mangoes which didn't change its dull yellow-green color outside even when they were ripe. It has the same bright yellow color of regular mango, same (relatively) big stone, and tasted very much like common mango - except it was very tart. I don't think it wasn't ripe yet, as it was pretty sweet and tender enough, but just very tart, as if it had already been tossed in lemon juice. I really liked this mango, but the only problem is, I haven't seen them anywhere but that particular vender at farmers' market, not even on the net; I am pretty sure they were labelled "cigar mango".... or did I mess up?


Santos said...

hi chika

the cigar mango (i've heard it called that in hawaii only) is like the mango that grows here on island. we've been debating as to what it's called here, no one can decide (i'll ask a chamorro friend later). anyway, the ripe ones *are* tart, it's mostly eaten green, skin and all, or pickled.

pluots--pretty, but >bleah<. not my favourite!

chika said...

Hi Santos,
Thanks for the info - I really didn't know anything about it! I didn't eat the skin, but did you mean you can eat the skin, not just in pickles?

Santos said...

only when it's young and the flesh is still green. we make pickles from it when it's green but also when it's yellow (skin off, but i've seen people keep the skin on green mango pickle).

chika said...

Hi Santos,
hmmm, interesting... I think I'll like eating it just as is, since I don't fancy pickles in general. If you let me know when you happen to learn what they call the mango over there!