August 9, 2004

inexplicable behavior

Sunday, August 8

I stayed in bed all day yesterday, and there was a lot of work I have to be done today.
I stayed in bed all day yesterday, but I was still pretty sick. Not fair.

While working on my computer all day, I for unknown reason prepared Tequila & lime chicken. Why today? Why now, when I am so sick, have little appetite, and have plenty of work to do??? I don't know. But somehow I took a bag of frozen drumsticks out of freezer this morning, which naturally needed to be cooked promptly.

I was meaning to try the dish for quite some time, ever since I had Tequila & lime turkey at his parents'. It was a store-bought dish, and in fact pretty decent for a ready-to-eat stuff, but not as good as I would die for. Meanwhile we have been addicted to Kettle Chips' Jalapeno with Tequila and Lime as of late, and I was more and more attracted to the idea of using the Tequila & lime flavor in cooking.

As I got on the net and searched for a recipe, I unexpectedly encountered an enormous number of hits; I sort out that a restaurant chain Applebee's had their own tequila and lime chicken dish, and all those recipes were copy-cats of theirs. Browsing down the list of ingredients in some of such recipes, I found "teriyaki sauce" in it; teriyaki sauce?? With Tequila & lime? Somehow it didn't sound the best idea to me, and I further tried other recipes here and there, and then found this one.
But again, I only took some idea on the possible ingredients for the marinade, rather than following the recipe strictly; after all, I was using drumsticks instead of chicken breasts. I used onion in place of shallots, ommited cilantro, used olive oil for lemon oil, white varsamic vinegar for white wine vinegar, and added a chopped small jalapeno pepper. Having added a generous amount of fresh lime juice and put the chicken in the marinade, I put it in the fridge and got back to work.

Hours later, I simply put the pan of chicken in the oven and roasted, instead of searing them on the stovetop. It smelled wonderfully as it cooked, and turned out beautifully. Since I couldn't quite stop to eat dinner when he needed to before going out, he had the chicken first and I tried a couple of bites. I couldn't taste Tequila so much, whereas he instantly did - I don't know, it just could have been because I didn't get to taste anything much because of the sickness, or he was better at tasting certain things, well, when it comes to taste liquors.
It was quite tart, too; I might have put too much lime juice. Oh well. But it tasted good and he liked it a lot. I am not sure if I would want to try this one again, but when and if I do, I might put a little less lime juice and a bit more Tequila.


Reid said...

Hi Chika,

I hope you're feeling better. The chicken looks tasty. I might even be tempted to try it (even though I'm not very good with dishes that contain alcohol).

myCoffee said...

I have recently discovered your blog and I enjoy reading your posts.
By the way, would you happen to have a recipe for the Pumpkin Salad? Thanks in advance!

ps: Hope you are feeling better now.

{m} said...

enjoying your posts!
:) maia

chika said...

Hi there,

Reid - Thanks for your note. I seem to put alcohol in everythin I cook, most often white wine; in general, it improves the taste of what you cook, I think, even if you don't taste anything like alcohol in the finished dish (and I think such a dish shouldn't be boozy anyways). I am in a mood of trying out different kinds of alcohol in baking and cooking as of late, and it is fun!

vivaciousV - thank you for the kind words, too! I will certainly post the recipe for the salad next time I make it, which shouldn't be so long from now, as I currently have some kabocha in the fridge.

maia - thanks a lot, it is my great pleasure!