August 9, 2004

"plain-vanilla" ice cream with a twist

Saturday, August 7

I caught a cold and stayed in bed all day... mmm... ggg... zzz...

I didn't feel like eating anything much, but I did want some vanilla ice cream. I usually like to explore various different flavors when choosing ice cream, but when I'm ill I tend to go back to this very classic; this might have something to do with my childhood when vanilla ice cream would be the only sweet that I would be allowed to have when I was sick. Either way, it is almost like a Pavlovian response that I want ice cream whenever I'm ill.

He bought me a quart of Haagen Dazs vanilla ice cream, which I was to just eat straight away - but I somehow came to think about the rosemary I had in the fridge. I just love rosemary, I use it a lot in cooking and increasingly in baking, as well; I casually broke off a twig of rosemary and put it on the cup of ice cream.

It smelled lovely and went totally fine with ice cream. Although I couldn't smell well because of the stuffed nose, I still sensed the aroma of rosemary blended into vanilla, which became even enhanced as the ice cream gradually melted. This might be my new favorite, in sickness and in health.

P.S. Santos - Do NOT send me those garlic candies, please. I'm sick, but I am doing okay myself, don't worry.


Santos said...

gah! you knew i was thinking it, didn't you....

hope you feel better soon! the ice cream with rosemary looks lovely.

Estelle said...

Get well soon, Chika! You're lucky you had ice cream whenever you were sick, when I was a kid, ice cream was the ONLY food I was not entitled to eat :( I had chicken soup instead.

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

I love vanilla ice cream. In fact, I think it has got to be one of my favorites. Rosemary goes very well with ice cream...and so does garlic! You should try it sometime. I had garlic flavored ice cream at a restaurant in San Francisco once years ago.

chika said...

Hello all, thanks for dropping a note and the get-well wishes, I reall appreciate it!

Santos - thanks for not sending them to me!

Estelle - aaah, I am so sorry to hear that your childfood story... people seem to be supposed to eat chicken soup when they're sick over here, but I just can't imagine eating chicken soup when I am sick. We would eat rice porridge... it might be a cultural thing, though.

Reid - garlic ice cream? You mean, it tasted good when you had one? Mm... I might try one if it is served at a nice restaurant, but I don't think I will try to make one myself.

By the way, I heard that natto ice cream is excellent at one Japanese restaurant in Vancouver; the restaurant is a branch of the restaurant in Tokyo, so I might want to try it when I'm back home next time :P