August 29, 2004

real treat

Thursday, August 26

This is a treat from my dear friend and excellent baker Joyce. In the moist, rich cake are beautiful swirls of bitter and aromatic real Japanese green tea. Yummmm.

Notice to the eager bakers who want to try the matcha cake: Joyce in LA, who sent me this cake that she herself had baked, kindly OKd to share her recipe with us all! Here you can find the recipe she has posted for us. Enjoy! (Sep 3, 2004)
- Special thanks to Joyce :D


Cat said...

wow what a pretty cake! its like art, too pretty to eat almost ;)

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, do you have the recipe for that? Looks delish!

baron said...

Looks like that would be an interesting flavor to experience in a cake.

Chika, could I ask you a question via email regarding the photography and such? You can email me at: or you can click on my name above to go to my profile page and email from there.


{m} said...

hello--I got a chance to read your older posts (finally my kids napped) and I got very hungry! I think I will start baking again! thanks for the yummy & inspriring posts :)

Litzko said...

Chika, Hi, nice to meet you. I loooooooove Green tea cake!! Chika, you're from Japan, right? Me, too. I've visited this site several times which makes me real hungry.

bsdBuddha said...
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bsdBuddha said...

That looks really good, can I have the recipe? :P (drew.poland AT if you would be so kind!

chika said...

Hi all,

As for the recipe, I do have one from my friend but I shall ask her about it and get back to you.

Cat - too pretty to eat, true, but I did anyways! :P

Janet - it really was delicious and very delicate.

baron - you know what, green tea has become a real common baking item over the last decade or so... it is also great in ice cream, too!

meia - thanks for checking out old posts, I am also inspired by other food bloggers a lot!

Lisa - I love green tea cake, too, I wish I could make a sophisticated cake like this... wouldn't that make you miss Japanese sweet, don't you think?

bsdBuddha - hope I can bring you good news soon!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I didn't know this cake had a life of
its own on the World Wide Web! :-D

I just started my blog a few days ago, and most of my site is in Japanese, but I've made sure to put up the cake recipe in English!
Glad you enjoyed it Chika!


chika said...

Hi Joyce,
Thanks a bunch again for the cake and sharing the recipe! Sorry your cake had made a debut before you knew
m(_ _)m
I just couldn't resist it to show it off! ^-^;