August 30, 2004

to the west

Sunday, August 29

We made a day out to the west side of the island today. It had been a while since we both went to Kona the last time, might have been the first time this year. It was one day short of a full-moon day and the weather is always dry and sunny over there, we were expecting a nice day at the beach and a bright moon and stars in the night.

Just the north of the town of Kaiulua-Kona, there was a beach park that he had been talking about. It had been really nice, he said, and it really was; after a rather rough driving out on a rocky, bumpy four-wheel drive road in our compact car, we finally reached a nice sand beach.

The beach was nice enough, I thought, but he suggested that we could go down to a "next" beach which, according to him, should be as nice and less crowded and "15-20 minute walk away". I expected to walk at least 25 minutes, then.

Having walked through the beach, we were now out in an open space. Our goal should be around the distant green spot at the bottom of the road. Looking kind of far.

It wasn't an all the way sunny day, which in fact helped us a lot in walking with nothing to shut out the sunlight on us. It was still pretty hot, and after what seemed like at least 20 minutes or so, we got to the green spot. As I pushed through tall grasses, suddenly I got a view of very bluish blue water amongst the green grass and white sand.

It was really good enough to blow off my little fatigue instantly, and I was glad we made it to the spot. That was where we sat down to have a picnic, watching the ocean and sky. We had sandwiches and some snacks we had brought from home; "sweet summer herb" chips, which is our latest favorite Kettle Chips, along with pineapple-coconut chiffon cakes and double-chocolate mint cookies that I had baked the night before.

The chiffon cakes were the second try of my recent chiffon-cake making project and although tasty they weren't quite as I had hoped them to be (I will be writing about them in a separate post). Cookies, on the other hand, turned out just as good as I had expected; I used a recipe from Neiman Marcus Cookbook (2003, Clarkson Potter), and added some chopped fresh mint leaves. Although it was certainly a recipe for cookies called "Chocolate-Chocolate Cookies" and they did appear to be cookies, the list of ingredients almost looked like ones for a chocolate cake; a lot of chocolate (and chocolate chips) other than cocoa powder, and a relatively small amount of flour - so much so I had decided to forget how much chocolate I had used. The cookies were very rich and chocolate-y (well, they should be) and I thought it was neat the way the cookies looked just so chocolate-y and tasted minty.

It really was a nice spot.

... Yet since there wasn't much of shady space, we were off to the first beach after a while, walking back along the same rocky road under the sun.

There were a bunch of palm trees right at the edge of the first beach. He casually climbed one of them, and because it looked so nice I followed him and climbed it, too. It was a fabulous spot up on the palm tree; there was a nice big shade under the palm leaves, with a view of the beautiful beach and ocean, blown by gentle breeze. What else could I have possibly ask for?

After chilling out on the beach for a while, we headed to the town of Kona and did a little shopping. There we got some drinks and sat down near the beach and watched the sunset. I got myself a half bottle of pineapple wine from Maui, which I thought was decent (he seemed to have liked it a lot, even though he doesn't like fresh pineapple or white wine).
To our surprise it was rainy (it was first time we were caught by a rain in Kona, really) on and off, but watching the sky change its color as the sun sunk into the ocean was nothing but an amazing experience.

And you could tell there was a heavy shower offshore, to the left of where the sun was.

It was too bad that it rained, and we gave up our plan to stay there and camp overnight to watch the moon and star, and headed home. Ironically, the weather was better on the east side where it usually rains a lot, and we got to see the almost full moon brightly shining above the rain forest. We stopped to watch the moon for a while, and got to home. What a hectic day.


Anonymous said...

wow.... I HAVE TO go to the beaches in Hawaii at least once in this lifetime of mine... awe-struck with the beauty of it. BTW, just to let you know, I did make those custards for her and I think I may have left them in the oven for too long... but she still loved it! I think it wasn't too bad either :P Thanks a bunch!!!


Anonymous said...
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chika said...

You really should come down, at least one time... I think it's worth a visit!
And thanks for letting me know about your baking project for someone, I am so glad that it turned out good and more importantly you and she both enjoyed it! Cooking time in the oven is a tricky thing, it varies from one oven to another, and I am always burning things in the oven (and on the stovetop, too)!

palm tree lover said...

beaches in Hawaii are heavenly! But your blog is so divine. I feel my stomach growling with your delicious looking digital pictures inviting me for a curious delight! 

Posted by palm tree lover