September 18, 2004

airy "ginger bread"

Wednesday, September 15

I was being extremely busy with my work over the week, and today was another stressful day at work. I just couldn't ignore my inner voice any more, though; I want to bake something! Right now! Now!!

So I listened to it. I just made something simple and not so time-consuming or labor-intensive, like chiffon cake. Yes, it's not over yet.

Today I made spice & tea chiffon cake from a cookbook by Makiko Fujino (in Japanese). The recipe of the cake is slightly different from the ones for the last couple of times (herb & lime and pina colada chiffon cakes), in terms of the egg yolk-white ratio (this one uses relatively more egg white than the other one), and the amount of baking powder and sugar (I reduced them both, though).
The spices used were ground cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, clove, and cardamom along with tea leaves (I used Earl Grey). As is often the case, I used fresh ginger for ground (dry) ginger (why not?) and reduced the amount of cinnamon, as it seemed too much to me.

Due to the numbers of egg yolks/whites (4/7) called for in the recipe that is sort of inconvenient for me who typically halve the amount of ingredients and make as little as I can (so that we can finish the cakes soon and I can make another one), I ended up making them full this time - creating a ridiculously hefty amount of batter, almost too much to handle. Oh well.

The cakes turned out just satisfying. They weren't as spicy as I had hoped, but had more of delicate flavor. They tasted almost like ginger bread, with a lot lighter, fluffier, and more fragile texture - not bad, but I'd rather like regular solid ginger bread in that respect.

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Cc said...

Wow Chika!!

I feel in love with the thought of this cake the moment I read it - spice and tea sounds perfect to me!! Oh please, oh please, won't you help me with the recipe please??

Ooh.. had a really nice soft strawberry fresh cream omelette (which is actually the lightest and fluffiest chiffon I can find here) this afternoon with a variety of daifuku - yummy!!

I can imagine how this cake would be so satisfying with a nice cup of hot sencha for teatime soon! 

Posted by Cc