September 30, 2004

beer like champagne

Wednesday, September 29

We opened some Belgian lambic (spontaneously fermented beers) as we watch the sky and clouds changing the color this evening.

Lindemans' raspberry lambic had a lovely, deep purplish red color with creamy, thick form of the same shade on top. Very very fruity, it tasted definitely like an ale but also somehow winelike... and they look pretty, too.

Well we liked the peach one even better. (Cherry was fine, too, but not as exciting as the other two.) They sure make great aperitif.


Santos said...

hey chika

cherry lambic is my absolute favourite, one of the only alcoholic drinks i ever crave. try it with some of the chocolate sour cherry bread, it brings out the cherry flavour (obvs) and the chocolate as well. my cousin and i used to always share a slice of chocolate cherry cheesecake from the cheesecake factory and wash it down with cherry lambic....aaaaah....heavenly....

Cat said...

those looks delicious! m going to drive over to belgium and pick some up :)

Anonymous said...

Hi folks,

Santos - cherry lambic x chocolate sour cherry bread, that didn't cross my mind! I should have kept it till I made the pudding... (I got the cherry one in Honolulu a while ago, and I don't see one over here... I do see raspberry and peach ones, though!)

Cat - oooooooooooh I am green with envy, you're DRIVING over to Belgium to get some lambic (and probably other stuff, too)!!! Imagine just how long it takes me to get there by a lot of FLIGHTS!!??

well, hope you'll like it! :)

chika said...

oops, it was me, the comment above. :(