September 9, 2004

the best comes the last

Wednesday, September 8

I know, I know I already said good bye to the peach season this year, but how could I have resisted these???

Yesterday we got these handsome yellow peaches.

All throughout the season, the peaches I got from my local stores were by no means "excellent", nothing to compare with the ones I would have in Japan. Some were stone hard, some never got ripe, some tasteless - they just weren't good enough to pass my test. These peaches, on the other hand, looked gorgeous and smelled sweet and felt tender - and in fact tasted delicious. By far the best-tasting peaches that I have had in the States.

With stars in my eyes, I was wondering what to do with them; I could almost ate them up straight, but I thought I should make sure that at least some of them would go into the mouth of his, who don't care for fresh fruits much.

Since the peaches seemed too good to be baked into cake, I went for something that leaves the freshness of the fruits, like cold dessert. Also, as I was running out of egg today, I had to make something without eggs - in this context, mousse seemed to fit the bill.

I looked up a couple of recipes (both in Japanese) and sort of whipped up a thing; in a blender I put all the ingredients, namely, peach, unflavored gelatine, sugar, lemon juice, and heavy cream - hold on, I only had half & half - so I added mascarpone cheese to substitute for heavy cream in terms of richness. I simply ran the blender for three minutes; yes, three minutes, that might seem kind of long, but it was to fold a lot of air in the mousse, to give a similar effect as with whisking. No matter how the three-minute blending seems long, this was the only procedure involved here, so it really was a simple dessert. Any objections?

Well I might have put too little gelatine for this volume of fruit/cream mixture, especially when I tried to make the mousse in jelly molds, as it turned out a bit too soft. Anyways I arranged thin slices of fresh peach (I wouldn't usually do things like this, as I know it usually fails) and finished it with a dash of peach liquor (I wish I had something better, but a Dekuyper did a good job).

It looked pretty enough, and tasted nice and mellow. He loved it a lot, too, and he even liked the fresh peach part; this alone told something about how good those peaches were. I was glad I hadn't eaten them all up.


Reid said...

Hi Chika,

Although I'm not such a big fan of peaches, this mousse looks gorgeous and yummy. It probably tasted fantastic as well! =)

Santos said...

gorgeous! oh, the patience you have.

Estelle said...

"He" is lucky to have you cook wonderful things :)

chika said...

Hi there,

Reid - yeah I think the mousse was good, and it can be made using other fruits, which I might try sometime soon, I gues..

Santos - I did a good job, didn't I? ;)

Estelle - But sometime he also has to have something strange, too... :9