September 11, 2004

chocolate with herb and love

Friday, September 10

I like most of mint chocolate. This one, by a Belgian chocolatier Dolfin, is not an usual kind of mint chocolate; it's dark chocolate with mint leaves.

You don't actually see mint leaves in the bar of chocolate, but you can instantly tell they're there - from the gentle scent of mint, not overpowering the delicate flavor of chocolate, but just a hint of it.

And another dark chocolate, but with lavender and blueberries. Lavender isn't really a herb of my favorite, or more precisely, I'd rather avoid it; commercially available products scented with lavender are usually too strong for me. Then how come I got this bar? Well, why not? I had never had chocolate with lavender, so I thought I could try at least once.

This one, by an American organic chocolate manufacturer DAGOBA, turned out to be very delicate; lavender is invisible, too (because it is flavored with lavender essence) and its aroma is very, very subtle and pleasant. Even I liked it.

At the end of the list of ingredients, following lavender essence and wild blueberries was Love.

I thought it was neat to include "love" in the official list of ingredients - why not?


mela said...

Interesting that 'Dagoba' means temple of the gods! This isn't exactly related to your post about chocolate, but in the Star Wars movies, Yoda's home planet is called 'Dagobah'. ^_^

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

I love dark chocolate...mmmmmm! By the way, where did you get these chocolates from? I'm interested in trying the one with lavender and blueberries.

chika said...


mela - I didn't know about it either! Interesting that Yoda's from temple of the god...

Reid - I'm with you, I love dark chocolates too! I got the Lavender one from one of my local natural food stores in town. Hope you can find one in your neighborhood! (You should be able to!)
p.s. sorry I haven't been able to send you the recipe for the pasta - the life's been hectic, but I will sure send it to you! thanks for being patient :9

Reid said...

Hi Chika,

It's no problem. I'm going to try and find this chocolate at Down To Earth. Hopefully they will have it. =)

chika said...

Hi Reid,

Ooh I liked that store! Hope you can find one. :)

Estelle said...

Hello Chika, I bought this chocolate some time ago and I really liked it, too. For those who want to try it, I would just like to mention I found it at Whole Foods.

chika said...

Hi Estelle,
Glad you liked it! I just got another kind of their chocolate, the one infused with chili and other spices... haven't tried it yet, but sounds interesting!