September 18, 2004

fried rice? no, it's pasta...

Friday, September 18

I bought a box of tiny egg pasta called grattini earlier this year in Rome, and have since saved it in a cupboard - not because I forgot about it, but I wasn't quite sure how to cook it. As I couldn't find a good recipe using grattini, I just sort of followed the directions written on the back of the box.

It seemed that this kind of pasta is generally cooked in, and served as, soup. I cooked bacon and some vegetable in a skillet, poured in water and cooked the pasta in it - I should have put more water so that it would make a soup dish, but somehow I never used enough water and as a result ended up with a bowl of what looked like fried rice. It tasted like fried rice, too - or rather pilaf - but either way, the pasta absorbed the cooking liquid from bacon and vegetable, which can't be bad.


Reid said...

Hi Chika,

Certainly does look like fried rice, though, I bet it tastes a lot better! Looks so yummy!

Cat said...

mmm i do remember Grattini from living in Italy, id add a handful or 2 to some chicken stock and it would be my meal LOL how i long for the unhealthy days of being a student ;) that dish looks beautiful, so colourful! i love the photos!

chika said...

Hi there,

Reid - yeah, they almost tasted like fried rice, too. But not so all that greasy you know, and that is good.

Cat - Oh you have had grattini in Italy! That really sounds like an easy, unhealthy student meal... but tasty, right?? ;)

Anonymous said...

That looks SCRUMPTIOUS!!! I'm salivating all over my keyboard! 

Posted by Sparkina

Sparkina said...

it DOES look like rice but i bet it tastes a lot lighter