September 27, 2004

in the mood for white pizza?

Sunday, September 26

I don't know how come I have been eating so much pizzzzzzzza lately (well I do know, sadly). This is a piece of pizza from Cafe Pesto, the most well-known and touristy Hawaiian-Italian restaurant in town, where we dined last night. I ordered Ahi gumbo (in which I couldn't spot ahi, but it was tasty most importantly) and a 9" pizza with my choice of toppings; I asked crab and Maui sweet onion, without pizza sauce, hence making Pizza Bianca, or white pizza. Back in the day when I was working for a Tokyo Italian restaurant and making pizza there, I always liked pizza bianca with mozzarella and pecorino, topped with a bit of anchovy fillet or prosciutto di Parma, circumstances permitting. Crab-onion white pizza turned out delicious, too, especially seasoned with Hawaiian red sea salt. Yum.


Santos said...

*wow* gorgeous. i know i say that a lot but it's true. was it a very thin crust? were the onions caramelized first or cooked just on the 'za? can you tell from the questions i'm going to make this tomorrow night?! ;-)

chika said...

Hi Santos,
I'd say pizza crusts there are of a thinner kind but not very thin, and if they were thinner, and I'd like them better.
As for the onions, They put just raw, thin slices of onion before baking, but caramelized onion sounds deliscious, too!!!

And the toppings I ordered were onion and CRAB (how did I put that word so wrong... I'm good at that)

Anonymous said...

wow that does look good....

we've been eating a fair few slices of pizza these days as well, hmmm coincidence or synchronicity ;)

- Sean

chika said...

Hi Sean,
what a coincidence :D
I'd rather have gorgonzolla & fig ones, though... ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chika, looking at your pizza post reminds me, this week I have already eaten pizza 3 times.

Twice I had chiken with dukkah on a crisp but thick sesame seed crust.From a bakery-cafe.

Two nights ago I had a water-cracker-thin pizza from my neighbourhood pizza joint. Delicious too.

Your pizza looks very appetising. The flower looks too pretty to eat, the restaurant has taken the time to smell the flowers :)


chika said...

Hi umami,

ooo, looks like everyone's eating pizza all over... the sesame seed crust sounds wonderful, though!

you know what, the flower I put on my piece of pizza in the picture was leased from my company who ordered a carzone... mine only came with a small bunch of italian parsley!