September 26, 2004

mint-fresh surprise

Friday, September 24

Today I had light lunch and was starving by the late afternoon. I looked into the fredge to look for something to cook with, and found a bagful of small ugly (but tasty) carrots from farmer's market and just a bit of mint left from making the mint-infused panna cotta the other day. Carrots and mint, hmmm, I thought of something; carrot and mint soup.

When I first saw the story and recipe about it on Clotilde's blog, my initial reaction was ambivalent; I like carrot soup, but I don't really like mint in cooking.

But somehow the soup always stayed somewhere in my mind, and since it was one of those rare occasions in which I do have mint in my fredge (I don't buy them much), I brought myself to try it out.

First I sauted onion and garlic in a casserole, and while cooking it I peeled and chopped a lot of carrots (they were so small I neede a lot of them, you know). I also added a stalk of celery, beceause I like the onion-carrot-celery trio in soups. Then I threw in a few springs of mint - leaves detached. I for a moment had a thought flash through my mind that I should use thyme or parsley instead of mint - but resisted. Good job.

After having the soupe pureed in a blender, the soup got a little too smooth to my taste - I would have liked it chunkier better. But I found the soup really lovely, to my surprise - the smell of mint was faint enough not to annoy me, and fresh leaves added only at the very last moment, right before eating the soup, gave a nice, sweet scent to the rustic soup.

Thanks Clotilde for a nice recipe, and for making my posts - two in a row!


Anonymous said...

Hello, but the carrots do not look ugly at all.
The egg looks mighty fine too.

chika said...

Hi umami,
yeah, I said "ugly" but just meant "not handsome", and I do adore them even though they're shorter and chubbier than regular carrots :)